Introducing CryptoStats' Subgraph Editor

September 30, 2022

Data drives the crypto ecosystem.

From prices, to network metrics, to fundamentals like fee revenue, we all seek out quantitative information to help understand this ever-evolving space.

At CryptoStats, we believe that this data should be as free and open as the the crypto protocols themselves. The data that powers this industry should not be kept in centralized databases and derived from proprietary algorithms, but should be a public good owned by the community.

CryptoStats has already built out a decentralized protocol for data “normalization and curation”. The CryptoStats library includes hundreds of adapters, providing data like fee revenuetoken issuanceDAO treasuries, and more. This data powers both our own websites like, as well as other sites like The Block and CryptoTesters.

Today, we’d like to announce that CryptoStats is expanding our tooling “down the stack” into the world of “indexing”!

The Subgraph Editor

The CryptoStats website now features our “subgraph editor”, a simple yet powerful tool for building and deploying subgraphs for The Graph Protocol.

This editor allows users to import smart contracts, build a schema and mapping code in AssemblyScript, and deploy directly to The Graph’s decentralized network. Users can build their subgraph without downloading any software or touching a command line.

Interested? Try building your own subgraph!

Note that this editor is still in beta, please let us know about any issues on our Discord, or by filing an issue on GitHub.

Democratizing open data

Tooling such as the Subgraph Editor significantly lowers the barrier-to-entry for users to build subgraphs and access on-chain data. We're looking forward to expanding our tooling and features around The Graph protocol, and helping make data free and available for everyone.

Interested in supporting our mission? Come chat with us in our Discord!