How it works

It's easy: just publish an adapter or use the Dataset created by the Community to create and view anything you want.

Ok but how? Answers below.

How Cryptostats works

Code & Publish Adapters.

Using the CryptoStats online, in browser, javascript editor (1) it's all you need to write and test your adapter. Choose from pre-made templates to speed up your coding or use our powerful SDK for easy pulling of data from different sources.

Then Publish and Sign your adapter with your ETH Wallet (2) to publish it on IPFS (3) and you are all set!

How Cryptostats works
How Cryptostats works

Add Adapters into Collections.

The Adapter developer requests the addition of it's own adapter to the Delegates (5), a special group of people voted by the community, which will test, verify, approve (6) and add the Adapter hash to the Collection Registry Smart contract (7).

Once done, the Adapter will be listed to the Collections and the Dataset available to be used.

Use Collection Dataset.

Minimal tech knowledge is required to use the Dataset provided by the Community. It's free and easy with our REST API or the Javascript SDK (8).

What happens behind the scenes?

The list of Adapters will be fetched from the Collection Registry Smart Contract (9) and the corresponding Adapter code downloaded (10). Then the actual query will be made from the indexers and data will be available to use in your project (11) — (It's easier than it sounds!)

How Cryptostats works